The Holiday Surprise


The Holiday season is in full swing with festive music, twinkling lights, hectic street traffic, but most importantly household traditions that are performed with love. Some people may bake their favorite batch of cookies, or hang important family decorations, while others may be cleaning or decluttering to prepare for a huge home renovation.

We have been following the progression, and sharing stories of our current clients heartwarming home remodeling project over the past few weeks blog posts. For our client, the holiday season has been consumed of floor plans, proposals, and talk of walls being torn down come the new year. He and his 82 year old mother are eagerly awaiting the chaos of construction; however, before any of that can begin the organization of existing furniture, pictures, clothing, etc. needs to take place. The cleaning and decluttering phase can be fun. It can be a time to see old things that may not have been seen in a while, rid your space of things that may not belong there anymore, or even discover things that you completely forgot about or never knew existed. All of the above has occurred with our client, but the last point of discovering something that he never knew existed will be the focus of this post. 

One afternoon while cleaning out the garage, our client stumbled upon a wrapped present that was addressed to his mother, with love from his father. He couldn’t tell how old the present was, but he assumed it was maybe two Christmases ago, since his father could not get out shopping last year before he passed. This will be the first Christmas they both will spend without him. As he looked at the present, a ton of memories from when we was a boy rushed back into his head. He shared with us that he just stood there silent; looking at it, holding it, like he was standing there holding onto his dad. The tenderness at this time of year is present in their household, but there is still so much joy to be seen. It only took one present that was discovered tucked behind a pile of old boxes to bring peace to their hearts. 

What if they weren’t in the process of remodeling there home? Well, we’re certain that they wouldn’t be organizing, decluttering, and cleaning out their garage at this time of year. Which means, that this little present would have sat behind those old boxes collecting dust just waiting to be found. However, their preparation for construction prompted the best holiday surprise ever. They found a message from a loved one just when they needed a little extra TLC! 

We love to be apart of these incredible memories, but we love even more that our clients want us to be apart of them. From the team here at Ellen Farber Strategic Design, we give you the warmest thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful Holiday and a happy New Year!