"Honoring the past, while creating a new present."

There is no way to measure the "peace of mind" Ellen provided. She designed my new home according to my preferences and lifestyle while using the things I treasured the most for my new home. I am so grateful for the care and respect she showed for my possessions. She truly honored the past while creating a new present.

— Lea B. 

“A modern, cohesive look.”

Ellen helped me decorate my condo after moving from a large two-story house to a 3-bedroom, ocean-view condo. She incorporated principles of Feng Shui into the redesign and used my existing furniture and artwork to produce a modern, cohesive look! I recommend her highly!

— Lisa M.


"Transformed my whole space."

Ellen Farber helped me to prepare my condo for sale and did an incredible job! She has an eye for design, color, placement of furniture, and style. She was very efficient and was able to make a visible difference in my home within a few visits. She helped rearrange furniture, purchase accent pillows and rugs and literally transformed my whole space! The experience was amazing! I loved working with her and found her to be clear, decisive and very easy to work with.

— Alexandra Q. 

“A truly wonderful experience."

Ellen made my mother's "downsizing" a truly wonderful experience! She took care of all the details and coordination with the retirement community. She listened, and successfully designed the new house with cherished furniture and artwork, minimizing the need to purchase new items. Ellen made a difficult move a wonderful experience. 

— Ben C.  

“My go to designer for staging.”

Instant beautification of your property is a guarantee if Ellen is involved. Often the difference in whether a property sells or languishes on the "for sale fence" has to do with how it is presented. Ellen Farber has been instrumental in polishing up my listings so they shine...she listens, has great taste...she'll evaluate your room, repurpose your belongings and elevate your project to a look that cannot be bested. 
As a realtor she is my go to designer for staging.

— Debbie F. 

"She helped me move various times."

Ellen helped me move various times. She took what I owned, understood my lifestyle, my preferences, and then moved my furniture around to make it feel great. She took an inventory of everything that I had, made sure to measure everything, mocked up floorplans, and designed every room. After all the furniture was placed meticulously, Ellen analyzed the color schemes of each wall, hung pictures  and accessorized.  She was very conscious of my budget, and I am amazed by the work she was able to accomplish. Set just gets it!

— Margie W. 

She's the best, very talented and easy to work with. I can't wait until she comes back!!!

— Anita N. 


“Vague ideas taken to a fantastic result. ”

Ellen took vague ideas for an office "update" to finish with fantastic result.  Ellen worked with the vendors and contractors and made the process easy from start to finish. Her strategic approach to design enabled us to use the space more efficiently, visually enhancing the environment and improving our brand. If you want a sleek creative approach to design; attention to detail, and great energy, then Ellen is right for your interior design needs

— Eric P. 

“Innovative and budget conscious.”

I have had the good fortune to work with Ellen on a design project for a
small retail space on the Main Line. Ellen is innovative, budget conscious, 
and extremely efficient. Her knowledge of spatial planning and the latest trends in materials and finishes enabled her to create a unique space tailored to my specific needs. Ellen is truly a delight to work with. 


— Jan G. 


“Advising on the best use of resources”

I have had the extreme pleasure of working with Ellen on an interior design project for our school. Ellen is inspired by, and enjoys educating her clients on new materials, new ideas and the latest design trends. She prides herself on advising on the best use of resources to accommodate budget requirements, and was responsible for the purchase of furniture for the entire school. Due to her diverse background, she has also advised our organization in the areas of strategic planning, marketing, and social media, and is currently involved in guiding our school through the "Green Ribbon School" process. I look forward to working in tandem with Ellen on future projects.

— Tiina M. 


“Attention to detail”

I wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation for the design component of my Nissan Dealership. The attention to detail and the relentless pursuit of perfection is obvious from the moment a customer walks through the front door. Your focus on store branding, business issues, and incorporation of marketing concepts improved the design outcome. Nissan Motor Corporation, the customers and I are in awe of the job you did. If you ever need a recommendation please feel free to have your client call me. Thanks again.  

— Bob N.