Universal Design 

The largest growing segment of the population is over 50. As a result, their needs, preferences and decisions related to where and how they live are shifting expectations for design, safety and comfort. A significant concern as people age, is that they have to leave their home, community or familiar setting. Whether you are aging in place and staying in your home, deciding to move, or helping a loved one transition to a new environment, we can suggest enhancements needed to live safely and comfortably.   Is your home ready for aging in place? Consider making home modifications such as walk-in showers and grab bars to improve the safety and functionality of your home in advance of a crisis. Give us a call, we specialize in home improvements that create beautiful, comfortable and SAFE environments. Our goal is to ensure dignity, quality of life, and independence is offered in any setting. 

Concierge Services:

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Interior Design & Space planning
  • Kitchen & Bath design 
  • Project/Construction Management
  • Downsizing and de-cluttering
  • Move-in, staging services
  • Home Safety and Accessibility Review
  • Working with Institutions on behalf of your loved one to move in, or change locations within a facility.
  • Move related assistance including cable, TV, contracts and friendship




$850/8 Hour Package
Custom packages available

240 Point Home Safety Reviews



Priced by the project.




Get professional advice from an Aging in Place specialist. We help you make your home wherever you are...with comfort, safety and peace of mind. 

Senior Living: Aging in Place

Our primary interior design focus is on working with seniors and their families to help them age in place, or live in place for years to come. We begin our process with a home safety review to determine interior design changes that would improve and promote independence, comfort and safety. Improvements often begin with de-cluttering, re-arranging furniture and rugs and continue on to full kitchen and bathroom renovations. We create floor plans and select finishes and designs that ensure safety and peace of mind. We work with contractors on your behalf, outlining a scope of work, creating master budgets to manage costs and bids, and monitor workmanship and installation. From design to end result, we are there with you or a family member throughout the process. 


Seniors Relocating : Facilities

We understand that you need help moving out of your loved one from the home they have occupied independently into a community that can provide a safe and social environment to thrive. We can assist you in the process by evaluating the space your loved one is moving from and into, deciding on the furniture, accessories and artwork that make sense to keep, and then ensuring that they are moved in quickly and easily, including placement of cherished personal items and artwork and ensuring that the space is warm, inviting and has the comforts of home. We work closely with the staff of the future residence, movers and family members to ensure a smooth transition.

55+ Communitiess

Helping you understand and evaluate your move into an over 55 community may be one of the most important decisions you make. We focus on ensuring that your home is designed for safety and enjoyment for years to come.  We start by evaluating with what you currently own and create a space plan for all your furnishings in your new home.  We inventory and measure everything you want to take, discuss your preferences and needs, obtain or create the floorplan of your new home and then prepare a space plan and a complete guide to each furnished room in your new location. We work with your movers and direct the flow of furniture to it's new home and then are available to accessorize, hang pictures, buy linens and bedding. Whatever your needs, we are here to help!





There is no way to measure the "peace of mind" Ellen provided. She designed my new home according to my preferences and lifestyle while using the things I treasured the most for my new home. I am so grateful for the care and respect she showed for my possessions. She truly honored the past while creating a new present.

— Lea B.